The Industrial Internet of Things is set to bring about radical changes to the work environment of today’s maintenance departments. It will allow for production steps to be automated, which not only avoids errors and reduces costs, but also enables maintenance departments to reduce the amount of time they spend on mundane maintenance tasks. The version control and data backup functions of a data management system are a valuable aid when automating simple but time-consuming tasks. It is clear that precisely the right kind of data management system would make this even more efficient. But what is the right kind of data management system? One that can be used to centrally store data irrespective of the manufacturer.

Efficient version control for today’s maintenance personnel

Version control is already being used by programmers in order to reach their goals and to help them safeguard and optimize their work, and to make the process of developing more flexible. Bit by bit, this approach is slowly winning acceptance across the industrial automation sector. Regularly carrying out backups and creating versions not only helps to ensure greater transparency for all members of staff, it also helps to increase the efficiency of production processes. By carrying out regular comparisons, errors and changes to datasets can be quickly detected and resolved. And that’s what counts because, when it comes to smart maintenance, maintenance departments have a very important job in keeping production environments running optimally. That reduces downtime and recovery time; which in turn saves time and minimizes costs.

The challenges associated with version control

It should therefore come as no surprise that many manufacturers now offer version control solutions for their own devices. These solutions enable changes made to a program to be monitored, safeguarded, and compared. All the while maintaining a clear, documented production process and change history.

This is a very good start; however, it does pose one problem. Version control solutions from device manufacturers are normally only compatible with their own devices. This means that these solutions can only really be effectively used in plants that don’t have a wide variety of devices. But in today’s world that is not often the case, especially given the fact that, as the automated sector continues to grow, so too do the number of different devices. This growth goes hand in hand with the increasing complexity of production facilities, which nowadays contain a myriad of different controllers, drive systems, field devices and robots; all of which have their own programming language and data format.

versiondog, the manufacturer-independent solution for version control and data management

It is clear that there is only one way of resolving this. And that is to have a manufacturer-independent solution. AUVESY’s versiondog software offers customers the solution they need. versiondog is designed to work with the full range of automation devices and equipment commonly in use today and is not tied to any single manufacturer. As newer products become more established action is taken to ensure that the necessary comparators are made available to users. In addition, the version control and data management system can be used across all areas of a production facility. It can also be used to coordinate the work of external personnel. Thus, the version control and data management system is able to automate production processes to the greatest possible extent while also freeing up maintenance so that they can undertake even more important tasks.

White Paper: Version Control and Backups for Maintenance Departments

In this white paper maintenance departments can find out more about version control and backups. It also focuses on the differences between the two terms. In addition it also dives into how to go about automating version control for production facilities.