versiondog for Utilities & Critical Infrastructure

versiondog for Utilities & Critical Infrastructure

For the utilities industry, from electric to water or wastewater, data management is often seen as a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. Version control processes are incomplete or inconsistent, backups are performed sparingly, and any downtime or disaster causes hours of stressful uncertainty.

With versiondog, utilities providers can quickly improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and simplify documentation processes.

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utilities and critical infrastructure data management
version control and data management for utility workers

Utilities Customers use versiondog to:

  • Automatically backup devices all throughout their facilities.
  • Synchronize backups even for non-networked devices with the Mobile BackupClient.
  • Compare project versions with clear version history and fast, graphic comparisons.
  • Simplify documentation and always know WHO changed WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY.
  • Quickly and clearly see the status of device data throughout their facilities, proactively addressing maintenance and security risks.
Customer Case Studies

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