Nestlé versiondog Case Study

Establishing a Long-Lasting Data Management Strategy with versiondog

Every year, 14,000 tons of Nescafé is dispatched from the Nestlé plant in Mainz, Germany. Four years ago, Nestlé replaced USB stick backups with automated backups and centralized data management using versiondog.

Nestle versiondog case study logo“These days we take our straightforward data management process for granted,” says Michael Mrugalla, who works in process automation at the Mainz plant, “but it wasn’t always like this.”

Why did Nestlé need versiondog?

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When something went wrong in Nestlé’s extensive automated production process, finding the cause was a stressful and time-consuming job. With 380 people working to produce coffee at the Mainz plant, it was often a challenge to find out who changed what. Full-efficiency production was often interrupted for up to a week if program validation was required.

That’s why the process automation and quality control teams turned to versiondog.

What did the Nestlé team hope versiondog would do for them?

The Nestlé team had a clear plan for how they were going to use the versiondog data management and version control software.

The top priority was a standardized backup strategy that could be continually active and universally applicable across the plant. The team wanted a centralized backup of all the data necessary to both recover and further develop all devices and related projects. Every piece of hardware and software in the Nestlé plant in Mainz had to be included, encompassing a wide variety of field devices, control programs, drive systems, programming languages, file formats, and software applications.

The Nestlé team also needed to be able to easily identify any differences between the data on the server and the programs running on controllers. This way, they would be able to reload a valid version quickly if needed.

How does Nestlé use versiondog?

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The process automation team says that versiondog works as well in practice as it does on paper. They have used versiondog for change management and automated backups for more than 4 years now.

versiondog has helped the Nestlé team standardize central data storage so that the most recent version of every single component in the production process is always readily available.

The software also coordinates a fully automated backup solution across the factory floor. Nestle runs an automatic backup for process control every 24 hours and network and communications backups once a week.

They also use versiondog for detailed change management, allowing them to see who changed what, when, where, and why. versiondog keeps all changes and annotations permanently in view, so that anyone on the team knows exactly why something was changed.

Lastly, they use versiondog for easily understandable quality management documentation, which is a must for automated production tools in the food and beverage industry.

The bottom line for the Nestle versiondog case study – has versiondog improved their efficiency in the case of a problem?

Mrugalla says that versiondog allows the plant to be much more efficient when data recovery is needed. The team can easily find, access, and reload working versions whenever a process needs to be repaired.

“The benefit of that – compared to the time before versiondog – is that we make up to 90% time-savings when we need to repair a process.”

- Michael Mrugalla, Process Automation Department at Nestlé in Mainz, Germany

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