3 Reasons to Invest in versiondog Update & Support Services

Learn about the importance of versiondog Update and Support services.

Stefan Jesse, COO of AUVESY GmbH, shared a few ways that versiondog Update & Support adds value for versiondog customers in a webinar at the SPS Connect virtual event. The full webinar recording is available here

versiondog Update and SupportWhen does it make sense to invest in versiondog Update & Support services? As a customer-driven organization, AUVESY is committed to offering customers the maximum value possible. One of the ways we deliver additional value for versiondog is through continuous improvement. We regularly release versiondog updates that integrate new devices, support new engineering platforms, and enhance the performance of versiondog.

So why should you invest in versiondog Update and Support even if your current version seems to be fulfilling your needs? Stefan Jesse, COO of AUVESY GmbH, shared a few reasons during a recent “Best of versiondog” webinar.

3 Reasons to Invest in versiondog Update and Support

What does versiondog Update and Support include? 

Including Update and Support in your versiondog agreement enables you to take advantage of the following:

  • New releases of versiondog, including support for new devices
  • Continual usability improvements
  • Compatibility with new operating systems (client and server)
  • Preferential support and login access to the customer area of our website

Learn more about versiondog Update and Support

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