3 Trends Impacting Automated Food and Beverage Production Today

Learn how food and beverage manufacturers can adapt to emerging trends.

Today’s food and beverage manufacturers are adapting to a rapidly changing business landscape. Trends in consumer behavior, global demographics, and regulatory requirements may dramatically alter the future of automated food and beverage production. This article will discuss these emerging trends and how food and beverage manufacturers can best adapt to them.

3 Trends Impacting Automated Food and Beverage Production

Changes to Eating Behavior

Consumers have much higher expectations for the product quality, safety, sustainability, variety, and nutrition in their food and beverage products, according to studies by Nestlé and CSB. With heightened consumer interest in food safety, manufacturers should ensure their production processes are as safe, secure, and error-free as possible. These expectations have also increased the variety of products that manufacturers produce in their plants. With an increase in variety, automated food and beverage plants must manage more changes, configurations, modifications, and program code.

Growing Global Population

The United Nations estimates that the global population will grow to about 9 billion people by 2050. The importance of automated food and beverage production to meet demand should not be underestimated. To best prepare for this demand, food and beverage manufacturers should focus on improving production efficiency and reducing downtime as much as possible.

Increasing Food Safety and Cybersecurity Requirements

Perhaps in response to the trends above, regulatory bodies like the FDA and GMP are focusing on industry responsibility more than ever. Food and beverage manufacturers must securely manage access and maintain thorough documentation of their production processes.

How can food and beverage manufacturers navigate these emerging trends?

In automated food and beverage production, focusing on better data management practices can make a significant impact. Version control and change management software can help manufacturers improve product safety, navigate increased product variety, reduce downtime, and easily maintain audit documentation.

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