5 ways versiondog Helps Automotive Suppliers Improve Productivity

Learn how version control software helps automotive suppliers improve productivity with better data management.

How versiondog helps automotive suppliers improve productivityThe automotive industry has one of the longest and most complicated supply chains in manufacturing. Consider that a typical car is made of about 30,000 parts, each with their own production process. Unplanned downtime or quality issues at a single plant can quickly derail projects and cost thousands. With so many moving parts, it is no surprise that automotive suppliers continuously face pressure to improve productivity, product quality, and operational efficiency, whether they are Tier 1, 2, or 3 suppliers.

With advances in smart manufacturing and the convergence of IT (informational technology) and OT (operational technology), evaluating existing data management tools and practices can be low-hanging fruit for automotive suppliers looking to quickly improve productivity and efficiency in their plants. Designed specifically for automated production environments, versiondog is a fast and reliable version control and automatic backup software that can save time, money, and effort for automotive suppliers.

5 Ways versiondog Helps Automotive Suppliers Improve Productivity

versiondog Demonstrates a Commitment to Quality

Product quality is one of the most important components of the automotive manufacturer and supplier relationship. Without a demonstrated commitment to product quality on the supplier side, automotive manufacturers question whether a supplier’s product will meet their specifications. For suppliers, navigating a variety of product quality requirements from multiple manufacturers can be a challenge. Some customers may even require their suppliers to use version control systems. If suppliers don’t have a version control system in place already, they may have to rush to implement an adequate system.

So how can versiondog help automotive suppliers demonstrate a commitment to quality to their customers? With versiondog, audit trails can be generated at the click of a button. Every change is thoroughly documented with metadata like the user ID, timestamp, change, and change reason. This can significantly improve the audit process, making it faster and easier to demonstrate a commitment to quality.

versiondog Reduces Downtime

Unprepared or disorganized automotive suppliers can experience unexpected downtime from human error, equipment failure, natural disaster, and cyber attack. Reducing the length and frequency of downtime is an obvious way for automotive suppliers to improve productivity. The challenge is identifying how to do so.

versiondog helps automotive suppliers reduce downtime in a few significant ways. Suppliers can quickly and easily find the data they need with centralized data storage. Because versiondog automatically backs up their devices, they can also be rest assured that the data they have is up to date and accurate. Lastly, using a version control software like versiondog ensures that all changes are properly documented. If a change was made in error or is the cause of downtime, a recent, error-free version can be restored quickly. No need to frantically search for data or rewrite code.

versiondog Improves Collaboration

Miscommunication and lack of visibility can slowly deteriorate productivity in automotive suppliers. Are changes being communicated properly? Is data appropriately stored and managed? Do the right people have visibility into the right things?

Collaboration is key in improving productivity in automotive suppliers and other production plants. versiondog securely improves visibility and change management between shifts, departments, and even between internal and external programmers. In versiondog, administrators can manage user access in many ways – by individual, group, plant area, device type, and individual device. Then, users with the proper rights can easily see who changed what, when, where, and why for the projects that pertain to them. The versiondog supplier check-in and check-out function even allows users to integrate change documentation from external contractors.

versiondog Minimizes Manual Data Management Work

Backing up industrial automation devices regularly is an important data management task for automotive suppliers. The traditional “sneaker method” of manually walking to each device to run a backup is outdated, time-consuming, and error-prone. If suppliers are relying on manual backups, they are taking unnecessary risks that staff members could overlook a device, misplace a USB stick, or run out of time in the workday.

versiondog saves auto suppliers time and effort by automatically backing up devices all throughout your facility. Because versiondog supports a wide variety of device types and manufacturers, suppliers can use a single strategy to safeguard their project data. Backup jobs can be executed regularly according to a specified schedule.

Other traditionally manual data management tasks like centralizing data storage and documenting changes for audit trails are also much faster and easier with versiondog.

versiondog Streamlines Change Documentation

Manual versioning sacrifices valuable time and effort to a data management task that versiondog can do with the click of a button. If automotive suppliers are still manually tracking changes between versions, they are heavily relying on their team’s commitment to document their work thoroughly. If a change isn’t properly documented, either intentionally or negligently, auto suppliers are risking safety, product quality, and audit compliance.

versiondog automatically tracks both authorized and unauthorized changes to the devices in your plant. Any two versions in versiondog can be compared against one another graphically to identify even the smallest of differences. Cumbersome spreadsheets and manually documented change logs are a thing of the past. This can quickly improve productivity for automotive suppliers by freeing up valuable time and energy. Engineers can spend more time optimizing processes rather than documenting them.

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