Best Practice: No PLC Forgotten

thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems specializes in the construction of axles and its Hambach (Moselle) facility is responsible for the production of Smart front and rear axles (including the motor). A Smart car is produced every two minutes and the axles must be delivered accordingly.

One day the front axle production line came to a standstill. It is important to emphasize that a single production minute on the factory premises costs 7000 EUR and this standstill lasted three and a half hours!  It was only when the line was put back into operation that it was discovered that the status of the program was obsolete. There was no backup of the latest version. After this incident, action was called for and Smart demanded that a safe solution be found in order to prevent such a downtime from occurring in the future.

The decision to implement versiondog in the facility became quite clear. Read the entire case study to learn more about why thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems choose versiondog to help them with data management and version control.