Reliably Create PC and IPC Images and Backups with the AUVESY Image Service

The AUVESY Image Service makes automation technology quickly available for use again.

Each minute of downtime in a production plant can cost thousands of dollars. If a defective PC or IPC is the cause, it is critical to restore a current PC or IPC image as quickly as possible. Companies should regularly evaluate all image-related processes so that they can be effectively used in day-to-day operations.

As automation technology increases in connectivity, there is a growing importance placed on regularly backing up data and creating images. This is especially true for large-scale production plants where hundreds or even thousands of computers are integrated. It quickly becomes clear that it is not feasible to manually maintain these PCs and their data backups efficiently. Fortunately, there are solutions available that are tailored specifically to industrial devices.

Image Creation at a Glance

AUVESY Image Service logoCreating images and reliably managing versions can be very time-consuming. Since 2007, AUVESY has offered time-saving data management solutions to help users create automatic backups, manage versions, and easily document changes to automated technology. AUVESY has expanded to include the AUVESY Image Service, designed to streamline PC and IPC image creation.

With the AUVESY Image Service, a huge amount of backup jobs can be created in significantly less time than when backups are performed manually. Automating this process also reduces the potential for human error that inevitably occurs when mundane work is done manually.

The AUVESY Image Service also takes one very important factor into consideration – that many production environments use PCs with older operating systems and hard disks. This often prevents the installation of other imaging solutions. When developing the AUVESY Image Service, AUVESY paid close attention to both the size of the client installation required to backup computers remotely and its compatibility with older operating systems. The AUVESY Image Service installation requires less than 50 MB and can generally be installed without having to increase hard disk capacity.

AUVESY Image Service

When Every Minute Counts

When unplanned downtime occurs, it is important to have a current image readily available. It is equally important to know where that image is saved. After all, a backup is only valuable when it can be found.

Ideally, computer images that are not connected to the company network should be archived and managed in a central location. This way, companies can focus on the process of reinstating the image quickly rather than finding the data they need.

In the past, reinstating images required an operating system to be installed on a new device manually. With the AUVESY Image Service, you can create a recovery boot stick. This allows the user to go from a completely blank system to a fully functioning system quickly. The boot stick contains a small operating system and everything required for a fast and easy recovery. It can also be downloaded remotely to a PC with a pre-installed operating system.

With the AUVESY Image Service, it is possible to store images in multiple locations. For example, companies can store the last ten images on a central computer and the last five images on a second local hard disk. Copying large image files over the network can take up valuable time, so this storage structure allows for even faster local recovery.

Say Goodbye to Command Lines

What about cases where automatic remote access isn’t possible? In the past, maintenance departments would intervene manually with cryptic entries in the command line. AUVESY has created a web installer to simplify the installation process for cases like this. Now, users can generate an AUVESY Image Service installation via a local webpage on the onsite PC, from the boot stick, or from a setup package prepared from a central computer that includes a security certificate linked to the respective IP address.

A Strong Future

When it comes to software development, AUVESY uses an agile approach. This allows project managers and developers to easily adapt projects to prioritize the most urgent needs first.

There is no better example than in the latest update of versiondog 8.5, released in February 2021. This update included functions like FTP integration, the ability to create differential images, and active monitoring of BIOS batteries and hard disk backups (i.e. hard disk capacity, defective sectors, and changes to hardware configuration). A mobile Image Client also helps support other operating systems in addition to Windows.

With a strong and demonstrated commitment to further development, AUVESY Image Service users can rest assured that their needs will be met.

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