How AUVESY will Simplify Automation in the Future

AUVESY’s Head of Product Management, Jochen Lang, describes our vision to simplify automation even further.

Jochen Lang, Head of Product Management at AUVESY GmbH, shared a vision of how AUVESY will simplify automation in the future during an SPS Connect webinar. The full webinar recording is available here

Auvesy Logo on Transparent BackgroundAt AUVESY, we are constantly asking ourselves one question, “how can we simplify it even further?” We think this question is particularly important in today’s increasingly complex industrial automation environment.

What are some of the challenges facing the automation industry? 

How does AUVESY plan to simplify automation in the future?

While our flagship product, versiondog, helps to mitigate many of these challenges, we are also looking toward the future to ensure that we can continue to simplify automation for our customers. To view our progress on these and any other future developments, view the roadmap on

Where can I learn more?

Now and in the future, AUVESY works closely together with our customers to simplify automation through reduced manual efforts and improved efficiency. Contact us with questions or schedule a live demo and presentation of versiondog, a fast and reliable version control and automated backup solution for automation.

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