How Maintenance Departments Benefit from Backup and Version Control

Adjusting IT Infrastructure Substantially Reduces Costs

IT infrastructure adjustments like implementing a new system for backup and version control reduces risk for production facility. A secure and safeguarded production facility means fewer errors, reduced downtime, reliable delivery times, and satisfied customers and partners. These benefits make an investment in backup and version control systems, like AUVESY’s versiondog, worth it.

Why are data backup and version control systems a valuable aid for maintenance departments?

maintenance staff backups and version control

Backup and version control systems automate simple but time-consuming tasks that are traditionally carried out manually. Automating backups naturally frees up maintenance personnel for more important tasks. Regularly comparing versions allows for better monitoring of authorized changes. These functions also help quickly detect unauthorized changes and allow maintenance staff to correct to the appropriate software version confidently.

When unauthorized changes are made to devices, this can cause errors that lead to downtime or defective products. versiondog allows maintenance teams to monitor, track, safeguard, and compare changes made to projects and device program logic. Backup and version control software like this is particularly important as the number of different processors, devices, data types, and possible sources of error continue to grow.

Do you wonder whether the software version running on a device is the same as the latest released version on the server?

automate backups and version control for maintenance departmentsThe right kind of data management system gives you more certainty, safety, and security. The answer is a robust version control system like versiondog.

Version control refers to the system in which changes made to a file or multiple files are logged over time. versiondog helps to centrally manage upload, download, and compare processes. This, in turn, enables maintenance personnel to easily see who changed what, where, when, and why. This helps to pinpoint the source of error quickly and accurately should any problems arise.

When required, a version control software can also help to quickly find and restore a previous, error-free version. A detailed comparison of the online version (running on the device) and the offline version (on the server) makes it possible to display the results of a comparison graphically so that personnel are not flying blind when operating the device.

The top 3 things to consider when evaluating a backup and version control software are:

  • Manufacturer-independence
  • Location-independence
  • Ease of use with external programmers or integrators

Why does manufacturer-independence matter for a backup and version control software?

When a version control software is vendor-agnostic, it is compatible with a wide variety of brands and devices. This way, maintenance departments can use one single solution to safeguard all of their project data and devices. versiondog supports all of these devices from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Why does location-independence matter for a backup and version control software?

It’s no longer rare for production or maintenance staff to be spread out globally. A version control system that can be relied on wherever personnel are is incredibly valuable.

Why does ease of use with external programmers or integrators matter?

A version control system must be capable of detecting, monitoring, comparing, and analyzing changes to devices made by external system integrators and OEMs. versiondog is capable of coordinating external personnel according to these requirements and can provide has the added documentation of change reasons to allow for 100% clarity and traceability. If you’re interested to learn how to easily work with external programmers and contractors with versiondog, this tech tip will be of interest.

How will maintenance departments benefit from integrating automated backup and version control processes?

Even though the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is set to bring about major change to the work environment, today’s maintenance departments will continue to focus on keeping production facilities safe and secure. Backup and version control systems like versiondog will play a critical role in ensuring safety, reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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