How to React Faster to Cyber Attacks with versiondog

Learn how versiondog can help you quickly get back to business-as-usual after a cyber attack.

As more devices are connected with the Industrial Internet of Things, cyber threats that historically have targeted IT environments have begun targeting operational technology (OT) environments as well. It is more important than ever to protect program data for PLCs, HMIs, SCADAs, and more.

React Faster to Cyber Attacks

Why are these devices enticing cyber attack targets? For an attacker, changing controller logic is an easy and effective way to cause large-scale disruption. Network switches used in OT environments are also intriguing targets due to their data-routing and access management functions. In the right circumstance, isolated network switches can even be used as a honeypot to attract and analyze a cyber attack defensively.

versiondog protects crucial assets not secured with traditional IT cybersecurity practices like firewalls, network monitoring, or data access processes– the program data itself. So how does versiondog protect project data, detect attacks, and help you react faster if a cyber attack does occur?

versiondog Automates Backups

One of the most important aspects of disaster recovery is having a recent, error-free backup readily available. versiondog saves you significant time and effort by automating backups for devices all throughout your facility. With less time spent on mundane data management tasks like manual backups, your team can focus on more important things.

With versiondog, you never have to wonder where a backup is located or how recent it is. If a cyber attack does occur, you can quickly find an error-free program, compare it against other versions for complete confidence, and get back to business as usual.

versiondog Monitors Changes

For speedy disaster recovery, it is crucial that your data management system can detect changes and alert appropriate users promptly. versiondog compares the version on your device with the version on the versiondog server. If differences are found, the appropriate users are notified. This allows them to investigate any concerns immediately and detect a potential cyber attack before significant damage is done.

With versiondog , you can always see who, changed what, when, where, and why for devices all throughout your facility. You can also compare versions graphically and view a full change history for each device with the click of a button.

versiondog Prevents Internal Threats

When we hear cyber attack, it’s tempting to think of a hoodie-wearing hacker in a dark room. The reality is that many attacks and unauthorized changes come from inside the organization. Without diligent access rights and a comprehensive version control system, a disgruntled employee or lapsed contractor can make undetected changes to automated devices resulting in costly shutdown or a sharp decrease in product quality.

versiondog allows you to manage user rights very specifically, giving access to only the devices they have permission to. You can set this by individual component or by device type or location in your plant.

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Don’t wait for downtime or disaster to strike. Let versiondog, a fast and reliable version control and automatic backup software, help you prepare for cyber attacks before they happen and react faster than ever if they do. Questions about versiondog? Contact us.

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