How versiondog Reduces Revenue loss from Unplanned Downtime

A GE Digital and Vanson Bourne study reveals costly consequences of downtime and disruption.

A study of disruption-related unplanned production downtime revealed the dramatic consequences that face unprepared production facilities. The study1) by GE Digital and an independent research company surveyed 450 companies in the US, UK, France, and Germany and found that:

  • The average cost of one hour of unplanned downtime was $260,000.

  • The average duration of unplanned downtime was four hours.

  • On average, customers experienced unplanned downtime two times in the last three years.

  • 82% of companies experienced at least one unplanned period of downtime in the last 3 years.

  • Therefore, unintended downtime costs 8 out of 10 organizations approximately $2,080,000 in lost revenue over the course of three years.

After the Fall: The Costs, Causes & Consequences of Unplanned Downtime“, Vanson Bourne, GE Digital, ServiceMax from GE Digital

How does versiondog reduce downtime?

81% of the study’s respondents believe that digital tools can eliminate unplanned downtime. At AUVESY, we provide data management solutions to do just that.

versiondog saves you time and effort with version control and automatic backups for devices all throughout your facility. All programs and parameters for devices like PLCs, HMIs, SCADAs, and more can be stored and monitored for unauthorized changes. With versiondog, you can quickly and clearly see the status of device data throughout your facility, proactively addressing risks before they cause prolonged downtime.

Improve Disaster Recovery with versiondog

In the event that a disruption does occur, versiondog can help you recover faster from errors, corruption, system failure, or malicious cyber attack with:

  • Centralized data storage to quickly locate an error-free version.

  • Reliably fast and easy-to-understand comparisons to ensure you can quickly and confidently choose which version to restore.

Is versiondog worth the investment for your company?

Answer a few simple questions about your facility and data management processes in our ROI Calculator. Our team will calculate your ROI and contact you with the results.

versiondog Software

versiondog is a fast and reliable version control and automatic backup software for automated production.

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Learn about how versiondog centralizes data management, reduces downtime, and speeds up disaster recovery for our customers.

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Learn how versiondog can help your Team

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