How versiondog Simplifies Day-to-day Data Management Tasks

Learn about the many time-saving benefits of versiondog.

Efficient data management is more important than ever in today’s manufacturing environments. With Industry 4.0 bringing a wave of connectivity to factories and plants, manufacturers are dealing with more data from a greater number of sources. The manual and time-consuming data management methods of the past simply don’t cut it anymore.

To keep their plants safe, secure, and efficient, manufacturers should look to data management tools that can help them simplify the routine data management tasks that take up valuable time and effort. Our software, versiondog, is a version control and automatic backup software for industrial automation that does just that.

Four ways versiondog Simplifies Day-to-day Data Management Tasks

Automatically Backup Devices all Throughout your Facility

Backing up industrial automation devices regularly is an important but often overlooked data management task for many plants. Manual backups require staff members to dedicate valuable time to the mundane task of backing up project data. Human error is a reality of any manual backup strategy. Even the most dedicated team can overlook a device, misplace a USB stick, or run out of time in the workday. Are you willing to take that chance?

versiondog saves you time and effort by automatically backing up devices all throughout your facility. Because versiondog supports a wide variety of device types and device manufacturers, you can use a single strategy to safeguard your project data. Backup jobs can be executed automatically according to a schedule you specify, or can be executed manually using versiondog at any time.

Easily Locate the Project Data you Need

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Even if you have diligently backed up device data, can you and your team quickly locate what you need in the event of unplanned downtime caused by error, system failure, natural disaster, or cyber attack?

versiondog centrally stores project data so that you can quickly find what you need. Easily navigate the versiondog project tree to locate specific components or use versiondog’s search functions. With versiondog, you can view and compare versions for any device in your facility. versiondog provides a full version history that can be easily accessed by authorized users. versiondog allows administrators to specify user permissions very granularly by specific component or in broader ways like by device type or location, ensuring that user authorization is also an efficient process in versiondog.

Quickly and Clearly Identify Differences Between Versions

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Manual versioning sacrifices valuable time and effort to a data management task that versiondog can do with the click of a button. If you are still manually versioning your industrial automation projects, you’re heavily relying on your team’s commitment to document their work thoroughly. versiondog simplifies change documentation and compares versions graphically, so that cumbersome spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

versiondog also monitors changes by comparing the version running on a device with the latest version stored on the server. If versiondog detects a difference, it notifies the appropriate users who can take action to identify if the difference was caused by human error or something more malicious like a cyber attack.

Adhere to Documentation Requirements Without Significant Effort

Documentation is also an important part of data management for many plants that use industrial automation devices. Audit preparation can be time-consuming and difficult if a proper system is not in place or followed consistently.

versiondog can simplify the audit process without a significant amount of additional effort. How? With versiondog, you no longer need to spend valuable time marking which changes you’ve made from one version to the next. versiondog compares versions and automatically generates important documentation information like what changes were made, who made them, and when. Before users can check in a new version, they must also provide a brief change reason and can add additional comments. This ensures that even large teams consistently follow documentation standards, saving companies money by avoiding expensive fines and fees.

The audit process itself is also streamlined with versiondog. Users can view a complete change history for any component with the click of a button. Quickly and effortlessly see who changed what, when, where, and why for devices all throughout your facility.

Can versiondog help you simplify your day-to-day workload?

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