Intelligent Device Integration Methods in versiondog

Learn about four different methods of easily integrating previously unsupported devices into versiondog.

versiondog is a fast and reliable version control and automatic backup software that supports automated devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. Here is the long list of automated devices with uploads and comparisons already integrated into versiondog.

For devices that are not yet supported traditionally in versiondog, we offer four different intelligent device integration methods.

Integrate using a Universal Upload Type

Using a universal upload type is the fastest way to integrate a large number of devices. With this method, you can access a network share (UNC), an FTP or SFTP server, an SSH server, or a local directory or drive.

Network (UNC)

device integration using a universal upload type - network UNC

FTP or SFTP Server

universal upload type - FTP

SSH Server

device integration SSH

Local Directory or Drive

Integrate using a Script

When integrating using a universal upload type isn’t an option, scripts can be used. Customer-generated and AUVESY-generated scripts are available, offering flexible, tailored, and efficient solutions. We also offer a training course for those interested in learning more about scripting for versiondog.

device integrating using a script

Integrate using a Custom Upload Type

This method is another way to integrate less common device types. For a custom upload type, AUVESY creates an upload type with the necessary fields to meet a customer’s needs exactly. We always welcome device requests on our contact us page.

Integrate using the AUVESY Connect Plug&Play API

This integration method is designed for device manufacturers. AUVESY continues to improve partnerships with a wide variety of device manufacturers to ensure that versiondog supports many devices, regardless of who manufactures them. AUVESY Connect is an API that makes it easy for manufacturers to integrate their devices into versiondog. Devices with the API are handled by versiondog in the exact same way as devices integrated using other methods, so versiondog users experience greater standardization.

AUVESY Connect infographic

Where can I learn more about versiondog device support?

Learn more about the devices supported by versiondog here or find tutorials for specific devices on the versiondog INFO help site. Below, you can view a short webinar explaining the various intelligent device integration methods in further detail. If you have questions about integrating devices into versiondog, please contact us.

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