Simplifying Industrial Automation with versiondog

AUVESY’s Georgios Theodoridis and Jochen Lang explain how versiondog simplifies automation.

This recap of a webinar presented by AUVESY GmbH‘s Georgios Theodoridis and Jochen Lang will explain how AUVESY simplifies industrial automation with versiondog. The full webinar recording is available here

Auvesy Logo on Transparent BackgroundThe name AUVESY stands for AUtomated VErsioning SYstems. Why? We believe that by automating day-to-day processes like versioning and backups, we can simplify automation for customers around the globe.

How does AUVESY simplify industrial automation?

Every modern production plant has automated devices on the factory floor. Our flagship product, versiondog, safeguards your automated devices by storing and monitoring the program data on each device. In the event of disaster, disruption, or unexpected hardware damage, you can easily restore the factory floor back to working order by using the program data centrally stored using versiondog.

How does versiondog work?

versiondog logoFirst, versiondog automates backups for devices all throughout your facility. This way, you always have centrally stored and up-to-date program data when you need it. Secondly, versiondog provides version control capabilities. You can track who changed what, when, where, and why. You can also compare versions against one another, with fast, graphical displays of each change so that you can confidently choose the correct version. Lastly, versiondog provides change documentation for easier audit trail reporting.

What is the versiondog workflow like for version control?

versiondog data management graphic

A versiondog server is typically setup on the customer site. Then, versiondog Clients on local PCs allow users to connect to the versiondog server safely.

To make a change to a project, you would “check-out” a project from the versiondog User Client and make any modifications just like you would without versiondog. Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made, you “check-in” a new version into versiondog. versiondog requires a short change reason for every new version. After check-in, you can compare any of the project versions against one another quickly and easily.

What is the versiondog workflow like for automatic backups?

versiondog allows you to “set and forget” automated backups for devices all throughout your facility. You can secure program data from PLCs, HMIs, robots, drives, industrial PCs and much more through automated upload jobs. Automatic backups can be configured according to a set schedule that makes sense for each device, whether that be monthly, weekly, daily, or every hour.

versiondog Application Scenario: How does versiondog simplify the process for a maintenance engineer when a PLC goes down?

versiondog simplifies industrial automation

Let’s look at a typical scenario when a PLC goes down. Without versiondog, the maintenance team is left scrambling for answers. What caused the downtime? Where is the program? Is the program I have recent? Has there been a backup recently?

With versiondog, maintenance engineers can quickly and confidently restore program data. They can quickly see if changes have been made to a project and who changed what, when, where, and why. They can quickly find the correct project and determine which version to use. They can also determine when a backup was made and restore it easily.

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