The Slovenian Steel Group’s Digitalization Strategy with versiondog

Learn how versiondog helped the Slovenian Steel Group standardize their IT/OT data management practices.

Vladimir Arshinov, Chief Information Officer at the Slovenian Steel Group, joined AUVESY’s Thomas Hoerauf on a recent webinar to discuss their digitalization strategy using versiondog. The full webinar recording is available here

Slovenian Steel Group logoThe Slovenian Steel Group is primarily involved in the production and export of stainless steel. They have many production plants located throughout Slovenia, as well as locations in Germany, Italy, and the United States. Each location previously had its own independent IT department that managed software development, project management, IT support, and automation in its own way.

The Slovenian Steel Group realized that this structure wasn’t optimal for their business in the long run. In 2017, they devised a digitalization strategy and began to unify the IT and OT data management processes throughout their facilities.

They began the digitalization process by unifying their project management and software development practices. At the beginning of 2020, they turned their attention towards automation. They installed versiondog in one facility at the beginning of 2020 and have plans to rollout versiondog to their other locations in the near future.

Why did the Slovenian Steel Group choose versiondog?

versiondog logoPrimarily, versiondog appealed to the Slovenian Steel Group because it is manufacturer-independent, supporting a wide variety of IT and OT devices like HMIs, PLCs, drives, and more. This gave them confidence that versiondog would be effective for their automated devices across the board.

Secondly, versiondog offered the Slovenian Steel Group clarity and stability in their data management processes. They recognized that innovation does not happen in a vacuum and sought out ways to encourage it through collaboration, convenience, and resourcefulness. With versiondog, employees at the Slovenian Steel Group can easily see who changed what, when, where, and why, establishing a solid foundation for innovation. By monitoring changes, managing versions, and centralizing data storage, versiondog ensured that they could spend less time on maintenance and more time optimizing and improving for the future.

Implementing versiondog

The Slovenian Steel Group implemented versiondog independently, without the help of AUVESY support. Arshinov says that “from a technical point of view, it was really quite easy.” The automation team at the Slovenian Steel Group was impressed.

Now that versiondog has been in use at Slovenian Steel Group for some time now, they have noticed a reduction in the amount of daily work and number of data management conflicts that arise in their automated production facilities. Knowledge is more easily transferred, collaboration comes more effortlessly, and stability is a given. In summary, versiondog has made life simpler.

When did the Slovenian Steel Group see a return on investment for versiondog?

Arshinov estimates that they saw a return on investment after less than 7 months of using versiondog. While the return on investment for versiondog depends on many factors, most customers see an ROI in less than a year. Fill out the versiondog ROI Calculator to find out what your estimated ROI would be for versiondog.

Has versiondog helped the Slovenian Steel Group reduce downtime?

The Slovenian Steel Group took a look at historical data on production stoppages to estimate the impact that versiondog has had so far. In September and October 2020, there were about 20% fewer unplanned stoppages from automated devices than in previous years. After such a successful pilot program, the Slovenian Steel Group plans to rollout versiondog into more of its facilities in the near future.

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