Tech Tip: How to use versiondog Quicksave

A quick guide to saving even more time with versiondog

Save even more time and still secure your data using the versiondog Quicksave function. This function allows you to save work that you have in progress without creating a new version. A Quicksave is a temporary version that only the user who created it can access. It is stored on the server, so it acts as an interim backup. The “quick” in Quicksave refers to how quickly you can save your work this way.

versiondog Quicksave right-click panel

Here is how to ensure your versiondog Quicksave function is activated.

  1. Right-click on a component. If you see “Quicksave” as an option, the function is activated. You can also access Quicksave via the Extras menu at the top. If you do not see these functions, Quicksave is not activated.
  2. Go to the versiondog AdminClient. Then, go to “Global Settings” and choose “Components” in the left sidebar. Click “Enable Quicksave.”

Here is how to create a Quicksave in the versiondog UserClient:

  1. To save work before you’re ready to create a version, click Quicksave in the Extras panel or right-click on the component and click “Quicksave.”
  2. You have the choice between “Create” and “Create with comment.” We always recommend adding a short comment to remind yourself of the work included in this particular Quicksave.
  3. To see the Quicksave you’ve created, right-click on a component that you have a Quicksave for and click “Manage.” Here you can choose to “Compare against working directory,” “Compare against version,” or “Delete” if you’ve already created a version and no longer need these interim Quicksaves. Only you can see the Quicksaves that you’ve created, but they are stored on the server so you can see them from any versiondog Client. This allows you to swap from computer to computer as needed.

To see versiondog Quicksave in action, watch this 5-minute demo video.

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