Tech Tip: How to use versiondog with External Programmers

Get the Change Management Benefits of versiondog even when Working with Contractors

Can I use versiondog if I work with external programmers or contractors?

Yes! It is easy to get all the version control and documentation benefits of versiondog even when working with external programmers, contractors, or software engineers. By using the “Supplier Check-Out” and “SmartImport for supplier projects” features, versiondog users can still see version history, documentation, and comparisons.

Watch a short demo video to learn how to use the the Supplier Check-Out and SmartImport for supplier projects features in detail. The step-by-step instructions are also listed below.

Watch a Short Demo Video

How do I use the Supplier Check-Out feature of versiondog?

tech tip working with external programmers

If you want to send a project to an external contractor, check out the component in the versiondog UserClient. Then, click “Supplier Check-Out.” You can compress these files and keep the project tree directory structure when you do so.

Then, create a folder in your local documents. Copy the name of the folder you create for later. Return to the versiondog UserClient. Click “Under development” and “lock for other users.” This will lock the component for other users to signal that the project is being developed off-site. We recommend copying the name of the folder you created locally in the comment section to keep things clear.

Then, send the folder you created to the vendor. The vendor receives and unzips “” and extracts the project files. You’ll notice that the project tree structure is the same as in versiondog.

After the external contractor works on the project, they prepare the project data to send back to you. Important: If the folder is left as a folder, it needs to be named “ProjectData” and if it is zipped, the zip file needs to be named “” Of course, the vendor only needs to send one of these options back to you.

To complete documentation, the supplier will comment in “SupplierChangeReason.txt” which will correlate to the first column in versiondog for change history. Comments that the contractor makes in “SupplierComment.txt” will correlate with the comments column in versiondog. If the vendor is not precise enough for your liking, you have the ability to change these later. As is always the case with versiondog, a comparison will show you what has changed.

After they have completed these tasks, the vendor sends the ProjectData folder or back.

How do you use the SmartImport for supplier projects versiondog feature?

When you receive a project back from an external contractor, you can simply double click on the delivery note and the versiondog UserClient will open. The SmartImport for supplier projects window will open and the project will already be populated into the window.

Alternatively, you can open the SmartImport for supplier projects window from the versiondog UserClient ribbon and add projects to import there. This is a good way to import multiple projects at once.

After that, simply click create a version and check-in. The component will be unlocked. As is always the case in versiondog, you can see exactly who changed what, when, where, and why.

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