versiondog for Non-Networked and Remote Devices

Learn how versiondog simplifies version control, backups, and documentation, even for disconnected devices.

Are you leaving non-networked or remote devices vulnerable to error, natural disaster, system failure, or cyber attack? Even when managing remote or non-networked assets, versiondog can be used to simplify day-to-day data management tasks like version control, backups, and documentation. How? versiondog allows you to:

  • synchronize backups for a wide variety of devices

  • quickly and graphically compare versions

  • view a complete change history

  • track who changed what, when, where, and why

versiondog synchronizes backups for a wide variety of automated devices.

versiondog BackupClient Save time and effort with standardized backups, even for devices that have to be non-networked for security purposes. With the versiondog BackupClient, data can be transferred via a cable connection. A portable PC with the BackupClient installed is synchronized with the versiondog server and receives the scheduled backup jobs. Then, a staff member uses what we like to call the “sneaker network.” While a non-networked backup does require someone to physically take the PC to the device, it allows a standardized version control system to be used throughout your organization, ensuring complete clarity and transparency.

versiondog can also notify the appropriate users if backups for non-networked devices have not been synchronized recently.

versiondog smartcompare for non-networked or remote assets

versiondog quickly and graphically compares versions.

When working with non-networked or remote devices, it can be especially helpful to see the differences that have been made from version to version. versiondog provides fast and reliable graphic comparisons for many automated devices, making it easy to choose the correct, error-free version.

versiondog provides a compete change history.

versiondog requires a change reason for any new version that is created, ensuring documentation is never forgotten or disregarded. With versiondog, each device’s change history is complete and easily visible to authorized users.

versiondog tracks who changed what, when, where, and why.

versiondog 8.0 change history interfaceversiondog allows you to quickly see who changed what, when, where, and why. Every time a new version is created, versiondog records metadata like the username, timestamp, change reason, and any other comments from the user. versiondog can also be used to monitor changes made by external contractors or suppliers if needed.

versiondog graphically displays a difference icon and notifies specified users if the version running on the device differs from the server version. This ensures a faster reaction to unauthorized changes or cyber attacks.

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Don’t wait for downtime or disaster to strike. With fast and reliable version control and backup processes, versiondog covers your bases, even when managing non-networked devices or remote assets. Are you interested in learning more about how versiondog can simplify your day-to-day workload? Request a demo or contact us with questions.

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