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7 Myths of Version Control & Backups in Automation

This free white paper takes a look at the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding data management for automation. At what point does the use of version control systems that are specifically adapted for automated production start to make sense? And what are some of the things to watch out for when it comes to choosing the right one?

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Breaking the Firefighting Mentality in Automation

This free white paper discusses how better data management can transform industrial automation for increased productivity with less stress. Why is a short-sighted firefighting mentality so common in automation? Is this approach reducing your plant automation productivity and safety? What data management strategies and tools can you use to go from a reactive approach to a proactive one?

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Audits in Automated Production

This free white paper explains the best way to approach an audit, what is involved, and some of the potential pitfalls. Then, it discusses how a data management system like versiondog can provide a reliable foundation for audit trails.

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Version Control & Backups for Maintenance Departments

The free white paper focuses on the new requirements placed upon maintenance departments.

Want to find out more about how such tasks as backing up data, comparing versions and searching for the latest software version—all of which have been hitherto carried out manually—can now be automated?

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AUVESY Guide to Protecting Critical Infrastructure

This free white paper outlines best practices for IT/OT security in critical infrastructure sectors. Is your organization following accepted best practices for IT/OT security?

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Version Control & Backup Best Practices for Utilities

This free white paper addresses the common data management challenges facing industries with dispersed or remote automation assets, like the Utilities industry. Then, it proposes best practices for safeguarding automated devices against downtime or disaster.

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