Better Data Management in Industrial Automation

Learn more about how AUVESY is adding business value and creating better data management practices.

IndustryWired published a feature in their magazine highlighting how AUVESY is adding business value by:

  • Setting new standards for better data management in automated production
  • Embracing big data and AI
  • Achieving efficiency with innovation
  • Overcoming challenges with product customization
  • Determining success through client satisfaction

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AUVESY Named one of the top 20 IoT Solution Providers for 2020

CIO Review recognizes AUVESY as a global front runner for IoT Solutions and, for this reason, awarded the company a place in their top 20 IoT solution providers for 2020.

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versiondog named a Finalist for the Git Security Award 2020

AUVESY’s data and change management software, versiondog, is set to be a finalist for the GIT SECURITY award 2020.

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