versiondog 7.5.1 Updates

Learn about the Latest Updates to versiondog in versiondog 7.5.1

A new versiondog 7.5.1 update is now available for all customers to download.

The following improvements have been made in this versiondog 7.5.1 update:

  • Issue resolved: in slow network environments, problems may have occurred when executing jobs via agents due to TLS implementation
  • Issue resolved: archived files incorrectly contained the file attribute “temporary”
  • Issue resolved: under certain conditions database migration ended in an error
  • Improvement: improved versiondog log function.
  • Improvement: Schneider PL7 Pro
    • Changes to component type path
    • Header date leads to unwanted changes
  • New device support: FANUC CNC 16i/18i

More details about versiondog updates can be found at versiondogINFO. We have also recently released a later update, versiondog 8.0.