How to Backup data with AUVESY Image Service

Automatically Create Images of Windows PCs or Servers to Quickly Recover Important Data

Easily backup data with AUVESY Image Service. This versiondog Add-On automatically creates images of your Windows PCs or servers in order to help you quickly recover important data in case of disaster.

Here’s how to backup data with AUVESY Image Service:

  • Create a job that can be used to schedule automatic creation of images.
  • Depending on the versiondog configuration, the image or link to the image will be available in the versiondog backup.
  • Then, versiondog can be used to compare the metadata of each image.
  • If the hardware of the backed-up PC changes during a scheduled job creation, a message will appear warning that the older images may not be compatible with the changed or new PC.

The Drive Snapshot is used to restore images. DriveSnapshot.exe is provided with each image generated by the AUVESY Image Service. It does not require a license to restore images with Drive Snapshot. These images can be saved on the versiondog server or on a network drive. The temporary drive can also be used to map different authorization structures.

The AUVESY Image Service can be installed by:

  • Remotely by using Windows tools/services
  • Using available software distribution tools
  • Manually

The AUVESY Image Service does require a license, but all it takes is filling out a license request form. Contact us here to request a license for the AUVESY Image Service. Learn more about data backup with AUVESY Image Service here.

AUVESY Image Service

The AUVESY Image Service is a solution that supports the automatic creation of images for Windows PCs and servers. Images can be used to quickly restore important data for disaster recovery.

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AUVESY Image Service Webinar

Join us for a live demo of what’s new in the AUVESY Image Service for versiondog 8.0.

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