AUVESY Connect

Connect a wider range of Devices with AUVESY Connect

Easily backup previously unsupported devices and connect even more PLCs,
HMIs, robots, sensors, and more to versiondog.

AUVESY Connect infographic

The API enables you connect to the following data:

Description Implementation Format http-Request
API information

Delivers information about whether the AUVESY Connect API is present and shows which requests have been implemented and are available.

Sends a JSON object as an answer.

Necessary JSON GET_ApiInfo
Device information

Delivers detailed information about the device with which you are connected (operating system, hardware version etc.).

It also enables you to retrieve information about subdevices and device objects.

Necessary JSON GET_DeviceInfo
Backup files

Delivers the backup files of the device so that a recovery can be carried out.

Necessary ZIP GET_Backup
Compareable (backup) files

Delivers the (backup) files in a format in which they can be compared in versiondog.

This is an alternative for when the supplied backup files cannot be compared without needing to be first converted by external tools.

Optional, if the backup data is not comparable ZIP GET_CompareData
Log files

Delivers available log files of a device.

Optional ZIP GET_LogFiles
Provide backup

Provide backup files that have already been backed up (or a version already been created) so that a recovery can be performed on demand (no direct recovery).

Optional ZIP PUT_Backup

AUVESY Connect

AUVESY Connect allows you to connect to a wider range of devices (like PLCs, HMIs, robots, sensors, and actuators) from different manufacturers. The AUVESY Connect API makes it easier to backup previously unsupported devices with versiondog. Are you interested in AUVESY Connect?

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Technical Information

  • The AUVESY Connect API is a REST-API, which retrieves information via http

  • You can use any programming language. The API can only be implemented in a HTTP server

  • Authentication takes place via JSON Web Token (JWT)

  • The requisite requests (see table above) need to be implemented

Implementation Support

  • There are several ways in which the AUVESY Connect API can be implemented:

  • via the client/partner with assistance from the API description and auditing tools

  • via the client/partner with support from AUVESY

  • via AUVESY

  • Devices on which the AUVESY Connect API is implemented can be certified by AUVESY

  • Learn more about AUVESY Connect by contacting us with any questions

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