versiondog Factory Floor Status

Your Production Facility at a Glance

versiondog Factory Floor Status is an invaluable aid for predictive maintenance and in ensuring sustained high production quality in automated facilities – everything at a glance, from wherever you are on the network. See the current status of automatic backup and compare jobs and the results of comparison with the latest version of the project on the versiondog system. Additional device-specific information is also monitored and displayed so that the precise status of each device is always readily available and can be clearly seen.

Report and Analyze from Anywhere

  • Access to data and reports from anywhere
  • Secure encrypted communication
  • Backup results, component reports, logs and more
  • Pre-configured reports with additional filter function
  • Forced value monitor for S7, RSLogix, Schneider Unity and more
  • MLFB overview with serial number and firmware version

Search, Find and Evaluate from any Device

  • Universal export formats (e.g. for Excel)
  • Custom data filters and reports
  • Search for specific control panel numbers (e.g. MLFB numbers) or other data

Increased Efficiency

  • Access clear and comprehensibly organized device data from any device via a web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Easily align firmware versions
  • React quickly when necessary thanks to up-to-date status overview of forced values, cycle times, RAM usage and group errors

Reduced Costs

  • Cut the duration of downtime or avoid it altogether
  • Reduce lost production and wastage
  • Reduce stock holding of replacement parts
  • Save time on S7 inventory – no more time-consuming searches for firmware versions, MLFB numbers and serial numbers

Less Risk

  • Avoid unnoticed and undesired forced values
  • Get a warning if a backup is not made within a specified time period
  • Eliminate S7 cycle time overruns
  • Monitor S7 RAM usage
  • See the status of S7 group errors

Get Hands-On With versiondog

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Get Hands-On With versiondog

Schedule your free online demo today.