SAP Interface

Custom Interface for SAP and versiondog

Automate and Exchange Data with Ease

Together with ITARICON, the integration specialist for SAP customer and logistics processes, AUVESY has developed a custom interface for SAP and versiondog. The interface allows users to integrate equipment structures and automate the exchange of data.

ITARICON is the exclusive SAP integration partner for versiondog and will help to support users throughout all stages of implementation: from the initial project preparation, to the creation of prototypes, and the Go-Live and support stages

Now that it is possible to integrate equipment structures from SAP into the versiondog system, it is also possible to automate the integration of equipment data. The time-consuming task of manually transferring master data is no longer necessary.

The direct connection between versiondog and SAP gives users a new way to optimize workflows. Changes to version data on a PLC can now be directly monitored and tracked in SAP systems. And maintenance processes can be automatically triggered from SAP and then executed directly in versiondog. Additionally, this new versiondog SAP customer solution sends a notification confirming the completion of maintenance operations to SAP PM (where it is documented).

Thanks to this direct connection, the change history of your equipment can now be automatically documented in quality certificates, giving you even greater traceability.

versiondog SAP Interface infographic

versiondog SAP Interface Device Support

A valuable enhancement to the scope of communication between SAP and the PLC is the ability that this solution provides for SAP to communicate directly with the controller.

One particular benefit of this interface can be seen in the way that it automates system-to-device and device-to-system communications. This reduces the chance for errors in datasets and eliminates the need to manually transfer master data. It also ensures consistency of the data between versiondog and SAP. This reliable exchange of data between the two systems helps to optimize the workflow of maintenance and frees up resources.

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