Tagging Components in versiondog

Use tags to group Multiple Components Together in versiondog

Learn how tagging components in versiondog can be used to better manage project and version data.

You can use tagging components in versiondog to execute the following tasks:

  • Assign a common name to versions of different components so that they can be grouped together as a single release version. For example, you can use the tagging function to group together HMI projects with corresponding PLC projects, programs for robots, and all documentation as a single release version.

  • Simplify the process of navigating to a version from a multitude of components. You can do this by opening the “Manage tags” dialogue.

  • Protect versions of different components by assigning a tag to them. Versions that are tagged cannot be deleted from the server or moved. If you want to delete or move a version to which you have assigned a tag, you must first remove the tag.

  • Export tags to a CSV file. This allows you to generate reports, evaluations, and check lists (i.e. with Microsoft Excel).

Here are some of the ways to use tags in versiondog:

  • Each tag has its own unique name. This name summarizes the tag’s function and is displayed in both the “Change history” and “Component overview”. Tag names are used to search for, sort, and filter tags.

  • In the dialogue, “manage tags” you can enter a “tag comment.” The tag comment describes the purpose of the tag.

  • The dialogue “Manage tags” automatically displays the date on which the tag was last modified and the user who made the last modification. This means that the user can easily find out if any unknown changes were made to the tag, who made them, and when.

  • The “version overview” displays a list of versions of different components, the “timestamp (local)”, and the “change reason (global)”.

Tagging is available in the versiondog UserClient:

  • Locate the “Edit” tab of the ribbon.

  • Right-click context menu in the component tree or in the component details.

Tagging Components in versiondog

Tagging Components in versiondog

In versiondog, tags are used to group multiple components together. They can be added to versions or components at any time. Do you have additional questions about tagging components in versiondog?

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Features and Benefits of
Tagging Components in versiondog

  • Create and add tags to versions of different components

  • Search for, filter, edit, delete, and export tags in the “Manage tags” dialogue

  • Copy all versions to a local directory

  • Access rights considered when configuring and using tags

  • Export tag to a CSV file

  • Tutorial available in versiondog INFO

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