versiondog Supplier Management

Save time and money with versiondog Supplier Management Functions

Learn how to use versiondog with external contractors for increased quality and more time and cost savings.

versiondog supplier management functions can be used to their full potential in situations like these:

  • When an operator outsources the task of making changes and improvements to device programs to an external contractor.

  • When an external contractor does not have access to the versiondog system, i.e. because their PCs are not on the company network.

  • When it is necessary to ensure that an external contractor be given the latest version (often on a USB stick) and it is vital that changes made are not overwritten at any stage.

versiondog Supplier Management Scenarios

Granting Access to Current Program Versions

It is of great importance that all changes and improvements made to a device program, which is involved in the production process, be made to the latest version. External contractors need to be given access to the latest versions and documentation of the device project in order to begin the process of making changes and improvements.

Without versiondog

First, the latest version of the project has to be found. This may involve searching through a number of sources and an appreciable degree of uncertainty. The version is then manually copied onto a USB device for the external contractor to use.

With versiondog

The plant operator selects the components (PLCs, HMI, robots, conveyors, documentation, instructions, etc.) in the versiondog project tree and then performs a Supplier Check-Out. This function automatically copies the latest versions of the project together with a versiondog supplier delivery note and forms for documenting changes, on a USB device.

Receiving a new Version once it has been Created by the External Contractor

The new version (with changes made by the external contractor) now counts as the current version and it must be made centrally available to others so that further improvements and changes can be carried out. As soon as the external contractor has finished making changes to the device, the project data must be given back to the plant operator, so that:

  • The changes that have been made are never lost even after further changes and improvements are carried out and checked in.

  • In case of malfunction, rapid disaster recovery can be carried out immediately from a copy of the current version.

Without versiondog

The project data on the USB device of the external contractor must be transferred to the company’s data storage location. To do this, there are several manual processes and checks that are required:

  • The previous program version(s) and the version created by the external contractor must be copied from the USB device to the company’s data storage location. This must be carried out following established file naming conventions and storage strategies.

  • The contractor needs to communicate the changes made to the supervisor (often in an unorganized way that may even involve looking through the program and attempting to remember what was done).

  • Additional information concerning making changes must then be compiled, documented, and archived.

With versiondog

The operator receives the USB device back from the external contractor and carries out a SmartImport for supplier projects. This requires only a couple of clicks and has the following advantages:

  • At the click of a button, the SmartImport displays the changed projects and automatically imports and stores the new versions.

  • All changes to project data can be seen in the detail comparison.

  • versiondog immediately shows you WHO changed WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY. Comments from the documentation forms will be automatically attached to the version. This makes the work of external contractor clearly visible in the change history.

  • versiondog jobs ensure that the versions currently running on the device are the same as those that were saved onto the USB device by the external contractor.

Possible Savings per year from using Supplier Management Functions in versiondog

Without versiondog 

Extra resources are required to manage external contractors without versiondog. An example of how these resources can be quantified is below.

= Time spent finding project, testing, and handover + time spent on version control, detail comparisons, approving changes, and storage
= 15 minutes + 30 minutes
= 45 minutes of time spent managing contractors per day

With versiondog

With versiondog, plants can save time and money while working with external contractors. An example of how to calculate this cost-savings is below.

= Working days per year x Cost per day x Expense ratio for employee per hour
= 288 days x 45 minutes x $60 per hour
= Approximately $13,000 savings per year

versiondog Supplier Management

If you frequently use external contractors, versiondog Supplier Management functions will give you a clear advantage, saving you time and money while increasing quality. Do you have additional questions about how to manage suppliers using versiondog? Our team would be happy to help.

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Features and Benefits of
versiondog Supplier Management

  • Export of the current version of the program, a versiondog supplier delivery note file, and forms for documenting changes without versiondog using “Supplier Check-Out”

  • Automated import of programs and projects into the versiondog system using “SmartImport for supplier projects”

  • Traceability of changes

  • Save time thanks to standardized documentation of program changes

  • Options for importing more than one project at a time (bulk import)

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